心疼你伤很深 心疼你的认真 心疼你的心疼 :(

冻结有你的世界 冻结那空间 冻结不让它溶解

because you can’t see me here

决定了就认真 认真了就决定 为了你 我要做个更好的人 让你依靠 让你心安 让你不胡思乱想 做你的垃圾桶 做你的佣人 等等 讲到做到 做不到就把我从你记忆中抹去 然后再把我从这世上抹去

by junyu


because you can’t see me here

just keep praying,coz i noe everything gonna be alright.God bless.

Keep your head held high,everthing gonna be alright ;)

'I'm not weird,I'm limited edition'

- Jasmine

Sometimes I blamed the world for not understanding me,but the truth is I never let others to stand a chance to know me well.Yup,my fault.;(